--- Robert N. Lucente, Past President New York State FOP

--- Jeff Frayler, Past President Suffolk County P.B.A.

--- Mike Cook, Past President Indiana State FOP

--- Robert E. Bird, Past Vice President Nassau County Detectives Association

--- Gilbert G. Gallegos, Past President National Fraternal Order of Police

--- Ed Farrell, Treasurer Nassau County P.B.A.

--- Robert Sheehan, Former President Hillsborough County (Tampa) P.B.A.

"The program that NCA continues to offer to the Nassau County PBA members is greatly appreciated and I would strongly recommend their services to any interested association or officer."
--- Robert Livoti, Former Treasurer Nassau County P.B.A

"Not only did I save $900, but I get better service than before!"
--- Al Barski, Past Treasurer Chicago Fraternal Order of Police